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How long have you been animating for? Were you doing it before you started this blog?

I’ve been animating since about 2008.
I started out on Newgrounds, animating stick people and being an idiot like every other kid on the internet. Once I actually started getting a little skill I stopped animating all the time and became a snob and did nothing for weeks at a time.
Still am a bit of a perfectionist.

This blog. I like.


I have a blog ?

Yes. A nice blog. 

Classic anime censoring. No one would have expected this. 

But I guess no one would have expected the second one either

Art by SlaveDeMorto~

Yes the breast on the left is partly visible. Deal with it. 

Original post here

Artist appreciation~

Avante92, love your work~

Source 1 = Source 2

Larger GIF’s: (Link 1) - (Link 2)


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If all goes well I’m gonna have a visit from a certain special someone for a whole week~
I’ve got around $200 on backup in case something happens but I hope it goes smoothly.

NSFW version of this post
Artwork by SlaveDeMorto~
(also Patreon)

NSFW version of this post

Artwork by SlaveDeMorto~

(also Patreon)

I said I would do it and I did. 

Artwork by SlaveDeMorto~

(also Patreon)

Does anyone know where I can find 3D animators to help make a video game?

I feel like I have a weird obligation to myself to keep at least one tab of porn open at all times because I’m a porn creator.